Wednesday, 9 October 2013

So I am back.....Alive......

Life's like a box of chocolates – you never know what you're gonna get.

That’s from the movie Forrest Gump. Well I guess I too have come along to take on life like that. So I am back. I did survive the exam time. But let me tell you it was a big disaster. That’s all I will write about it. It is too painful for me to describe and also I don’t want to relieve those harrowing times again. It is over and done with. Just hoping for the results to declare me as passed. It might be too optimistic to expect that but then I have faith in God, to address my prayers.

So that basically means I am at home with nothing to do all day. This is going to last till the result are out. Whatever the outcome, I will have to go job hunting based on my skills and presence or absence of the degree. I am not confident enough. This exam shook my foundations. I really can’t be bad as they made me out to be in the exam. Actually the prospects are quite scary. Finally I will be stepping out in the real world. And it is bad I tell you fellas. I had a slice of it, or rather a big fat chunk of it during the doomed residency. I suppose real life wouldn’t be easy either. Anyways

“Que sera sera…

Whatever will be, will be…

It is not for us to see……”

Till then I am lazing around at home but not relaxed at all. The doomed sword of the results still hangs over my head. But then I have decided to utilize the time to the fullest. I have already wasted 4 days since exams. Okay, not completely wasted. I cleared up my bedroom and got rid of all the junk. Donated some old clothes, those which I held on to for such a long time in a tiny little hope that one day I might fit into them. But now I realized those are not in style anymore. Thus there is no point in holding onto those slivers from the past when I was slim and healthy …blah blah blah. Reorganized my wardrobe and all my electronic gadgets. The entire bedroom looks pretty decent and inviting too. Wifey would have been so proud of me if she saw it. And I also plan to revamp the rest of the rooms (read helping mom to reorganize stuff which has been thrown in disarray post my exam and small renovations/repairs around the house) starting with the upper storey of the house. But there is a small glitch. This would involve sorting out my reading room which has most of my books scattered around in all sorts of fashion. I AM REPULSED BY THEM. DON’T WANT TO TOUCH THEM AGAIN. The mere sight of them lets the air out of this happy balloon that is floating in my head. And I really really dread touching them. I loathe the very thought of putting them back on the shelves. But it has to be done, no other way. Well, someday my dears, someday.

Now let us come down to one of the other goals of this blog, the Weight Loss. Well, the back to back schedule of the exams threw everything off the track. No exercise at all with the whole day spent sitting at my desk or snoozing in my comfy bed. Also there was complete disregard to what I put in my mouth. Every time my guilt hit me I pacified myself saying that this was all temporary. All that is done is done. Now the only way is ahead. Right? Yeah.

I started gym again today (two months of membership wasted, that is 2500 rupees, ouch!). Oh how much I missed my gym. I love it! This time I saw many guys and gals like me. Poor souls trying to undo what bad eating habits, poor metabolism and basically bad genes did to them. And yes, the usual gym junkies were there too, flaunting their toned bodies and flexing those massive muscles. I am not as fit as I was when I stopped going to it but am certainly am much better when I started it previously. That’s kind of a boost for my ego. All is not lost. Did a brisk walk on tread mill for 20 minutes and I hardly broke a sweat. I thought I could start running but then decided to hold back in order not to risk any injury. Spent next 15 minutes on the elliptical machine at mid levels and I seemed to be flying on it. Same story with the stationary cycle. The only place where I actually realized that I was lagging behind was when it came to abs exercises. Whoa man!!! I need to work on them. Slowly but surely, buddies I will land with a flat abdomen. Okay I might not get those coveted 6 packs or even a washboard abdomen, but certainly I reach a stage where my tummy won’t be visible through my regular clothes (wink wink). I have decided to go with cardio this whole week till I build up some stamina and get my lazy asthmatic lungs to expand. I plan to add muscle training from next week. All I know is that muscle training is equally important for a steady weight loss. I don’t intend to bulk up but certainly want to get toned up. I have also decided to take up dance. In the privacy of my bedroom, of course. What do ya expect? No way I would go shimmying about in public (which by that is one of my favorite moves, heehaw). I also plan to somehow integrate that previously mentioned ancient specimen of a treadmill that I have ensconced in my home.

When I began I weighed 105 kgs. I had touched down to 90 kgs before the exams. Right now am back at 94 kgs. 93.9 kg, to be precise, according to the scale at my gym. It is not much of a gain as I had dreaded. And I am sure I will get back down again. But the only problem is my eating habits. That is a story for some other day folks. It is so hard not to put anything delicious into your gob when you are totally bored at home.

And it is not just my body and health. I have decided to take care of other aspects of my looks. A couple of people happened to mention that I looked around 35 (no malice intended I guess) when I am not even 30 yet. I have to take to care of my face and hair (which seems to be falling out in clumps). I have been genetically blessed with a good skin, thus totally ignored. I don’t even scar easily. My hair, a different story altogether, it is low quality but very high maintenance. I might sound a bit poncy here but I don’t want to look older than my age!!! It is not about hiding my age (I have even few grays on the temples, and I don’t bother) but then who wants to look older than they actually are??? 35!!???!!! That is the limit.

Phew. I got so much to say, so much to write. And I promise I will. I will also write some sensible pieces rather than bleating about myself every time. Bye.

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