Thursday, 10 October 2013

A (re)new beginning

 Well I am not sure. There is a part of me that is raring to go. And there is another part of me that is holding back. In some not so tiny corner of my heart, there is a little hankering about the outcome of the pending exam results. Also as I mentioned in the previous post, it is also about the scary prospects of facing the real world. It is a dog eats a dog and a man eats a man in the professional world out there. Whatever that is, well only time will tell. At present I have got to focus on the things right in front of me. 

First of all, there is nothing good on TV these days. Right before the exams all the good shows were on. The rerun of the sixth season of The Big Bang Theory also got over!! Me sad. I had previously missed the original airing as I was away at college. I love that show. Nothing else interests me these days. I like only comedies. Drama, crime or soaps and sports don’t interest me much. And the movie channels. They are in cahoots with the general entertainment channels. At present all they show are the shitty movies. Before my exams they used to air all good and interesting movies which I wasn’t able to watch. And now when I have time to spare, all I get to see are the dubbed Chinese movies. Hindi channels? Forget it totally. The content of those shows is so regressive and stupid and mind numbingly idiotic that actually I squirm in disgust every time I accidentally land on one of those channels. Even the movie theatres aren’t showing any good movies around. I don’t mind going to theatre alone. What the heck, I don’t care if people think am sort of a loser or whatever. I have been to McDonald’s a couple of times alone. Last time I remember when I asked for seating for one, the waiter made such a face, I wasn’t sure it was sympathy or plain disgust or worry about serving a sociopath. So the movies at the cinema are out of question now too.

Coming to weight loss mission, I decided to go shopping to get myself some new gear, just to keep myself inspired. Soles were coming off my old running shoes and the old faithful track pants were getting pulled apart at the seams because once an elephant strode in them. So I bought new Reebok running shoes and two track pants from Agile ( I needed something in cotton, I sweat a lot and chaff easily, so those fancy materials from big brands don’t suit me). I also got myself a new mp3 player, iPod shuffle to be precise. I needed it because the music is too loud at the gym. It is so loud that I believe most of the instructors there are already deaf, from their need to shout every time they open their mouth and for me to yell at the top of my lungs to converse with them. Oh but I still love my gym, right? Also my phone is too heavy to lug around the gym and it keeps falling out of the track pants. This entire haul set me back my 10000 rupees, obviously borrowed from dad, but I guess it is worth it. It actually makes me look forward to those lonely sessions at gym (now, I didn’t say boring) cause I am yet to make any friends over there. What a loser you must say, but I can’t help it, I am painfully shy. I was never like this; I used to be total extrovert before the college. I guess blame the residency for everything (wink, wink and smirk). Anyways I am uploading the pictures of my new shoes and my new iPod shuffle. Don’t worry I am not going to post an image of the track pants, am not THAT sad.
Total fan. They look so cool. Pretty pricey but totally worth it. Fit like a dream. Totally comfy. Never had pair like this.

It is so tiny! And I guess it weighs as much.

The iPod did come with those typical Apple headphones but they kept falling out of my ears on a slightest move. And they were white. So I bought these Panasonic bass boosting in your ear headphones. Not as good sounding as my old Samsung ones but pretty decent.

The goal of touching 75 kg by my 30th birthday is still on. I still have nearly 20 kg to lose. But before that, there are two weddings coming up in November and December. Both will be some sort of reunion, the December one will have more people turning up I guess. So yours truly, has a humble little wish, that is to razzle dazzle the weddings. I want to show people that this Fat isn’t forever. I can look good too. But before that let us hope that I clear my exam, because the social exile still continues till the results are out.

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