Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The silver lining....there it is....

Well, finally found it. This is from the show Two and Half Men season 4 episode 1 where Alan gets depressed since his second marriage has tanked and has lost all his money. It creeps me out to watch this because I did exactly the same thing when my life hit the rock bottom and had it not been for the very loving family that I have been blessed with, heavens forbid what I would have done to myself. As Alan puts its later, it was slap to the face or rather nail gun to his testicles. Whatever it may be, but there was something in this scene that hit deep inside of me. I have to get my act together not for anyone else but my kid, I owe it to her.

P.S. I think I should have put my time to better use, for studying obviously rather than wasting it locating this video, downloading video editor and editing and uploading it. What the hell is wrong with me, seriously??!!?

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