Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Weekend......

I have got preliminary practical exam on Tuesday. And the usual sob story; haven’t read anything worthwhile till now. Why the hell do I keep on doing this? Actually I was so tired from all the driving yesterday that I slept for 14 hours straight today. I had to rush between my college town and home city because I had forgotten some documents. Finally, I filled the form yesterday morning after much running around. These people, who sit behind those office desks, I agree that you have one of the most boring and thankless jobs but do you really have to make other people miserable? I mean how difficult it would be to fill a simple form in order to appear for some university exam? Let’s start with the application form itself. It has so many boxes to fill and most of it is usually crap. For example, what the hell my religion, my cast and what my dad earns have got to do with me appearing for the exam? It just flabbergasts me. Thrice I have to enter the exam fees amount, five times the particulars for the exam that I am appearing. And the entire history of my past exam appearances and performances, right from my 12th grade through each year of the medical school up till now. Hello, that was more than a decade ago! At the end there are some stupid declarations that one has to sign, about not being holed up in some other institute for further studies. Now who would accept me on the basis of my failed exam? I guess these all are the archaic remnants since the time of the Raj. Then, this document is missing and that one is not attested. Finally when it came to paying fees, a whopping Rs 12100/- for the exam (looting in bright day light, I must say) they have to have different receipt books for same exam!!! They spent half hour looking for the damned book.

After I filled my form finally, I went to my department for a courtesy call. I met my unit head, and a polite formal conversation about my exams and stuff. This time he wasn't that cold, but not warm enough as I had known him to be. Regarding the other two professors including the head, both conversations were one liners. And knowing me, not being those hang around kinds I immediately scooted out from there. So I have exam on Tuesday afternoon. Wish me all the best. While I was waiting for the professors to get free, one of my juniors mentiond that I had lost weight and my tummy had disappeared. It really feels good when someone actually says that especially when you haven’t done anything about weight loss since last fortnight.

That brings us to the fat fighting fiasco. Now, I had stopped going to the gym since the end of Ramadan due to oncoming exams. But even still I was watching out whatever I put into my mouth. I tried real hard not to stuff myself with crap and watched carefully the portions of the healthy food.  During exams I had gone overboard with coffee and bread sticks. But guess what? I actually have lost weight. Finally down to 91 kg at my home scale. Total of 14 kg lost. Touched the 200 pound mark. That is some great news. I had decided to hit the gym after the exams with vengeance to document my eating habits meticulously. And to blog about the three important things in my life right now, exercise dieting and studying. Just to keep me on track.

But the new exam dates fizzled out everything. I got all blue and disheartened and I realized I have no time left to attend gym regularly. And I went into over drive, or rather my mouth did. On Friday I had 4 slices of medium Mexican chicken cheese burst pizza, 2 chicken sausage roll and one 1 chicken taco for dinner and finished it off with one serving of chocolate lava cake all a takeout from Dominoe's. Mum was not well so had to settle for a takeout. On Saturday, for breakfast I had stack of wholegrain pancakes with honey. For lunch we drove out to one of the wifey's favorite restaurant, one with a jungle theme. I had a bowl of soup, 6 pieces of kebabs and two tandoori rotis with gravy, polished off with a glass of buttermilk.  Dessert included one serving of red velvet cake (the cake was awesome; it literally melted in my mouth) from the in house bakery. For dinner I had two packets of maggi noodles with two more slices of that damned cake.The cake, I must tell you was so darn good. I have never had anything like this my whole life, so got two slices packed for the way home. So much for my self control. Thus I woke up on Sunday morning, feeling all bloated and tired and disgusted and fat. Naturally. You all must think what a glutton I am. I agree, even I am feeling bad for myself. So today I had soups for both lunch and dinner. Atleast somewhere I had to start again.

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